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Housing for the Elderly in Philadelphia
A Guide to Housing Resources For the Elderly In Philadelphia
This resource guide is intended primarily for professionals who work with older adults in the City of Philadelphia. It provides a comprehensive overview of the City's housing resources for the elderly. The guide will enable the professional to help the client identify those housing resources that best meet the consumer's housing needs.

This guide also points professionals to non-conventional solutions so that they can help the consumer plan for changes in lifestyle or finances through such programs as Domiciliary Care, subsidized housing or long-term facilities. It also provides information about groups that promote community education, allowing counselors and consumers alike to get involved with a membership organization or coalition of groups on issues of long-term or citywide concern.
Click here to download the housing resource guide.

Pets and Seniors
A growing body of research documents the mental, emotional and physical benefits of pets for older persons. Yet there are also challenges, ranging from expense to capacity to care for animals. PCA has developed a website to provide resources for professionals, caregivers and consumers, which includes low-cost resources, current research and tips for pet care. Click here to access the Philly Pets and Seniors website (you will be leaving