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Posted By Marcia Siegal

Tips to prevent heat stress

When you’re feeling the heat, this information could be a lifesaver.

Sharon Congleton, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) health promotion nurse supervisor, says that senior citizens, young children and people with chronic health conditions are at a greater risk heat-related illness, such as heat exhaustion or heat stress.

“It is important for older adults to understand the dangers and potential complications that can occur from being exposed to severe heat. Older adults also need to know what they can do to prevent heat stress from occurring,” she said.

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Aging, gracefully

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) is the region’s leading source of support for seniors, touching more than 140,000 lives each year. We can help you with “aging, gracefully” so you can live independently for as long as possible, and age well.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

Health brief: LGBT seniors at higher risk for cancer, heart disease, depression

The higher risks for the aging LGBT community can be attributed to a number of factors, including discrimination in health care.

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Connect to the right resources

Many people don’t access the supports they need for aging and living with disabilities at home, in the community – where the overwhelming majority prefers to remain. Often, when they do so, their challenges have become overwhelming and critical. By that time, they may have expended much in the way of time and resources, said Lance Robertson, assistant secretary for aging and administrator for the Administration for Community Living (ACL) during a recent town hall meeting at Center in the Park senior center in Germantown.

Healthy bone, left, resembles a web or honeycomb. With osteoporosis, the bone weakens and spaces develop, which increases the risk of fractures.
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Health brief: Take steps to help prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, which means “porous bone,” is a disease that makes bones weak and brittle. Take these steps to improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis and broken bones

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Watching too much TV can pose health risks

New research shows that spending hours in front of the TV may be damaging your blood vessels. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that people who spend too much time in front of the TV are at increased risk for blood clots in their veins, a serious medical condition called venous thromboembolism (VTE).

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PEER ombudsmen provide volunteer advocacy

By Marcia Z. Siegal

Darlene Sauer frequently walks the halls on her floor at the Immaculate Mary Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in Northeast Philadelphia to check on fellow residents. “I try to solve problems and, if I can’t, I report them to people who can,” said Sauer, who is one of the Pennsylvania Empowered Expert Resident (PEER) ombudsmen at the skilled nursing facility.

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Posted By Marcia Siegal

New Medicare cards coming

Starting this month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin a year-long process of sending all Medicare beneficiaries a new Medicare card. Beneficiaries in Pennsylvania will be among the first groups of seniors to receive new cards, and will get theirs between April and June.

Posted By Marcia Siegal

Empowering seniors to take charge of their health

More than 250,000 Philadelphia seniors are living with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and heart disease. Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) offers free workshops at community sites to help adults 60-plus learn to manage their symptoms, maximize their independence and improve their quality of life.

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